Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview

Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview

Christians can be confident in a discussion on the nature and use of science, precisely because only the Christian worldview can provide the necessary preconditions for the intelligibility of scientific inquiry.
Science requires a significant number of philosophical assumptions just to conduct empirical investigation.

What are those borrowed elements?
What are some of the most important presuppositions without which scientific investigation should prove impossible?
A brief list of such presuppositions includes:
1. The uniformity of nature
2. Induction
3. Ontological/epistemological realism
4. Mathematical realism
5. Methodological, epistemic, and ethical values
6. The reliability of the human mind and sensory faculties
7. Ontological/conceptual categories
8. The usefulness/adequacy of human language to describe nature
9. The existence of singularities, ultimate boundary conditions, and brute givens

J. P. MorelandChristianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Investigation


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