TweetWords – March 04, 2011


Max Lucado
– To love as Christ loved, is not a matter of emotion but of resolution to do what’s in the best interest the person.
– God doesn’t say: „Change your life and I will accept you.” He says „I accept you, now let’s change your life.

C. S. Lewis
The first step to humility is to realize you are proud. To think you’re not conceited, means you are indeed.

D. A. Carson
Is it possible that part of our horror at hell owes something to our inability (or refusal?) to look at sin from God’s perspective?

John Piper
– The best man born of woman is not worthy to lace our Savior’s shoe. Yet He will wash their feet.
– Not a month, not an hour, not a moment but that it nears, breathless to arrive for all. Death.

Rick Warren
Psalm 145:4 is why I believe in love and mentor young leaders: „One generation will commend your works to the next”.

Brian Houston
In the face of disappointment, which is unfulfilled expectation; raise determination quicker than dropping expectation!

Paul David Tripp
– You need to face the facts; you’re not independent and you haven’t arrived. No, you need grace as much today as when you first believed.
– God knew that the effects of sin were so great it was not enough to forgive us, He also had to unzip us and get inside us by his Spirit.
– It’s wonderful to understand forgiveness past and salvation future, but you better also understand the nowism of grace right here right now.

Reinhard Bonnke
He came to save us, not to explain how our „inner resources” can be tapped to save ourselves.


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