TweetWords – Feb 28, 2011


Rick Warren
– I believe in hell because Jesus says it’s real & he knows more about it than anyone.
– It’s GOOD to see myself as others see me,WISE to see others as they see themselves,but VITAL to see myself as God sees me.

D. A. Carson
We are not saved by theological ideas about Christ; we are saved by Christ Himself.

Oswald Chambers
Our soul has gotten out of intimate contact with God by leaning on our own religious understanding.

Max Lucado
Those who suffer belong to all of us. And if all of us respond, there is hope.

C. S. Lewis
Be Ye Perfect” isn’t a command to do the impossible. Christ is going to make us creatures that can obey that command.

Paul David Tripp
If your heart isn’t ruled by God’s honor and your life by God’s plan, you may seem religious, but what you’re living isn’t biblical faith.

John Piper
Today you will be with me in paradise.” Best time (today), best person (with me), best place (Paradise).

Reinhard Bonnke
The memories of integrity in a man of God are better than an inscription on finest marble.


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