TweetWords – Feb. 17, 2011


Paul David Tripp
– There is a danger that familiarity will rob you of your awe of God and that it will be quickly replaced by awe of you.
– Security is not so much about being confident in your own abilities, but about being blown away by the grace and glory of God.
– If you are to fully celebrate the grace of Jesus Christ you have to first grieve the depth of your iniquity and inability.

Brady Boyd
The mark of a disciple is the ability to hear the continuously articulate God.

CS Lewis 
Not only do we need to recognize that we are sinners; we need to believe in a Savior who takes away sins.

John Piper
– Saying “God’s love is unconditional” is a like saying “The sun’s light is a flashlight in a blackout.”
– When Job’s ten children died, he fell on the ground and worshipped. For this miracle I would give my life.
– „In the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom” (1 Cor. 1:21). Not all roads are open.

A W Tozer
„If [something] is of God, your dependence upon God will increase.” AW Tozer

D. A. Carson
In all our sinning, God is invariably the most offended party. That is why we must have his forgiveness, or we have nothing.

Rick Warren
– My surgeon said „I’ve PRACTICED medicine for 30 yrs.” I said „So when do you get to start doing the real stuff?”
– Blogging theology is far easier that living it.Writing on ministry is easier than actually being a servant. Beware of self-deception.

James MacDonald
– Grace is truly AMAZING but it is not an excuse to keep on sinning. (Romans 6:1-2)
– For life change to happen, we must cooperate fully with God’s desire to transform us.

Oswald Chambers
If human beings were not capable of depression, we would have no capacity for happiness and exaltation.

Wendell Berry
The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made. It is the one we must be choosing and making.

Max Lucado
There are several billion reasons to consider God’s challenge of compassion.Some of them live in your neighborhood.

We are not sinners because we sin…we sin because we are sinners. (R.C. Sproul)

Bob Goff
Start from scratch with Jesus each day and then be picky about what you add.


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