TweetWords – April 9, 2011


Paul David Tripp
– Everything Jesus did he did for you and in your place so that, by grace, you would have all the things you need, but could never earn.
– You don’t need to argue your righteousness before God. The cross of Jesus Christ is the only argument you will ever need.
– The cross of Jesus Christ stands as a beacon of hope in a world gone bad. Life, hope, forgiveness, change really are possible!

Bob Goff
The great part about disputes is that we usually get to decide to have them or walk away from them. Be a good picker.

Oswald Chambers
Being saved and seeing Jesus are not the same thing.

Rick Warren
Being unable to help thousands of hurting people never excuses me from helping the one next to me.

Brian Houston
Honour God – Worship Jesus – Support your pastors – Meet new friends – Hear God’s word – Lend a helping hand – CHURCH!


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