The Museum: un grup american cu nume „românesc”

The Museum

The Museum, un grup american de muzică creştină contemporană, a scos recent albumul de debut ce poartă titlul Let Love Win.
Puţini ştiu însă că numele acestui grup are legătură cu România.
Iată istoria lui:

American bands don’t usually name themselves after events surrounding the twentieth century Romanian revolution, but how BEC Recordings’ newest signing would come to be known as The Museum is indicative of what’s on display in this compelling foursome.
The group took shape when singer Ben Richter and guitarist Geoffrey Ashcraft moved from Texas to Georgia and plugged into a church where drummer/programmer Josh Kirk was the janitor. Soon they were leading local worship services together and then traveling on musical mission trips overseas. In Romania, Josh was deeply moved to be part of a large Christian gathering in the same town square where communism had been overthrown in 1989. A nearby museum containing humble evidence of that revolution also left an indelible impression.
“We decided the band would be called The Museum,” Josh says, “because we hope our music and those we share it with can be the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in our hearts.”

Iată un cântec de pe acest album, numit My Help Comes From The Lord.



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