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3minuteCe ar însemna să iert pe cineva de şaptezeci de ori câte şapte pe zi?
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By faith alone

Justified means that God declares you to be just in His sight by imputing to you the righteousness of Jesus.
And He does that by faith alone: “Since we have been justified by faith.”

Not by works.
Not by tradition.
Not by baptism.
Not by church membership.
Not by piety.
Not by parentage.
But by faith alone.

When we believe in Jesus as the Savior and the Lord and the supreme Treasure of our lives, we are united to Him and His righteousness is counted by God as ours.
We are justified by faith.

John Piper


Despre înţelepciune la (pe)trecerea anilor

Psalmi 19:7  Legea Domnului este desăvârşită, şi înviorează sufletul; mărturia Domnului este adevărată şi dă înţelepciune celui neştiutor.

Proverbe 2:6  Căci Domnul dă înţelepciune; din gura Lui iese cunoştinţă şi pricepere.

Proverbe 19:8  Cine capătă înţelepciune, îşi iubeşte sufletul.

1 Corinteni 1:30  El a fost făcut de Dumnezeu pentru noi înţelepciune.

Efeseni 1:17  Şi mă rog ca Dumnezeul Domnului nostru Isus Hristos, Tatăl slavei, să vă dea un duh de înţelepciune!


10 reasons to completely trust the Bible

  1. Fulfilled prophecy
  2. Archaeological discoveries
  3. The Bible’s internal consistency
  4. External Verification
  5. The Bible’s amazing scientific accuracy and foresight

(Music Inspired By) The Story

The Bible. It’s the foundation of our faith, filled with amazing tales of bravery and betrayal, romance and redemption.
These age-old stories teach us valuable lessons about the God we serve and the way He wants us to live, but how well do we really know them?

Award-winning authors Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, who himself has more than 100 million products in print, wanted to make them more accessible and encourage further engagement of the Bible so they partnered with Zondervan to create The Story, which contains 31 chapters (stories) from the Bible told as one seamless story from beginning to end.
Additionally, Randy and Max penned new books built around these 31 key stories from the Bible providing further insight into the characters.
With these resources as a foundation, Dove Award-winning artist Nichole Nordeman and Dove Award-winning producer Bernie Herms teamed up to give those same timeless stories a modern musical voice.
This new two-disc project entitled (Music Inspired By) The Story, is the brainchild of successful artist manager Norman Miller, and features a who’s who of Christian artists, who collectively have sold nearly 75 million albums.
With everyone from Amy Grant, Brandon Heath, Mac Powell, and Chris Tomlin to Francesca Battistelli, Bart Millard, Natalie Grant, and Mandisa taking part, (Music Inspired By) The Story features 18 songs and 24 artists in all.