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Ce se întâmplă cu discursul contemporan?
În ce constă „vigoarea” lui, dacă o mai are?
Ce s-a întâmplat cu convingerea noastră?

Taylor Mali, în stilul cunoscut lui, abordează problema discursului.
Câteva idei ies în evidenţă imediat: 


Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett & Buck Storm – Secret Name of God (Songs For Israel)

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Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett & Buck Storm – Songs For Israel
Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett & Buck Storm – The Garden (Songs For Israel)
– Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett & Buck Storm – Deliver Us, Deliver Me (Songs For Israel)

2011 JUNO Award Winners (Contemporary Christian)

The Juno Awards of 2011, honours Canadian music industry achievements in the latter part of 2009 and in most of 2010. The awards were presented in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during the weekend of 26 and 27 March 2011. A week of related events began on 21 March 2011. This occasion marked 40 years since the 1971 Juno Awards, the first year the ceremonies were conducted by that name.

Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year
Winner: Love & the Lack Thereof, Greg Sczebel

Other nominees:
Clarity, Article One
The Chase, Manafest
Newworldson, Newworldson
The Saving One, Starfield

A cunoaşte-nseamnă iarnă, a iubi e primăvară

A cunoaşte. A iubi.
Înc-odată, iar şi iară,
a cunoaşte-nseamnă iarnă,
a iubi e primăvară.
(Lucian Blaga – Primăvară)

Muzica: Alina Covaci
(YouTube: AlinaMariaC)

Aparenţele înşeală – Dacă astăzi ar fi ultima ta zi…

Dacă astăzi ar fi ultima ta zi de viaţă, ce ai face?
Am auzit adesea întrebarea aceasta în predici, dar şi sub formă poetică, cu exact aceleaşi vorbe, sau măcar cu acelaşi înţeles.

Dacă astăzi ar fi ultima ta zi de viaţă, ce ai face?
Întrebarea e perfect întemeiată şi merită atenţia oricui.
Altfel ar fi viaţa unui om dacă ar trăi cu conştienţa că oricare dintre zilele sale ar putea fi ultima.
Ce spuneţi de versurile următoare? 


Newsboys – Save Your Life (free download)

For free download, visit Christian Jukebox!

‘Hobbit’ Filming Begins in New Zealand

Filming for the J.R.R. Tolkien-classic, The Hobbit, is under way at Stone Street Studios in Wellington, New Zealand after months of setbacks that delayed production.
The first installment of the Warner Bros. and New Line Production film is not expected to be release until December 2012, while the second part is slated for release in 2013.

Tolkien, a devout Catholic, wrote The Lord of the Rings series in part to explore his religious faith but chose not to do so in an explicit way but rather to highlight moral themes and philosophies.

The Hobbit, a prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, stars Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Cate Blanchett, who appeared in The Lord of the Rings, will reprise her role as elven leader Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien in the prequel.

The Christian Post

Potter and Clay

Rebecca Friedlander shares a story of God’s Redemption through the Potter and Clay.

Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection

A renowned artist depicts Christianity in murals. For more information about Ron’s artwork, go to:

Best Christian / Gospel Artists & Bands – 2011 Readers’ Choice Winners

In February 2011, asked readers to nominate their favorite Christian and Gospel artists and bands in twelve categories: Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist, Best Gospel Rap / Hip Hop Artist, Best Christian Rock Band, Best Christian Hard Rock Band, Best Christian Extreme Metal Band, Best Christian Pop/Contemporary Band, Best Inspirational Artist, Best Southern Gospel Group, Best Urban Gospel Artist, Best Christian Indie Band and Best Christian Band to See in Concert.
Voting opened on Friday, February 11th at 12:01 am ET and ran until 11:59 pm ET on March 8th.
See who the most popular Christian Artists and Bands of 2011 are.