TweetWords – March 24, 2011


Bob Goff
We’re the ones showing people their seats; not the ones who decide who gets into the theater. Jesus wants ushers not bouncers.

Oswald Chambers
You may often have to watch Jesus Christ wreck a life before He saves it.

D. A. Carson
God’s holiness is tied to His wrath. Not to revere God as holy is not to revere God as God.

Reinhard Bonnke
Nothing can stop Jesus Christ from giving and giving again. When He had nothing in His hands but piercing nails, He still gave His precious blood to redeem us. (1 Peter 1:18)

Paul David Tripp
– Weakness is the doorway to strength. It is only in acknowledging the weakness of sin that you seek the power that’s yours in God’s grace.
– Today in some way you will measure your capability. Will you remember that, by grace, the God of incalculable power now lives inside of you?
– Boldness isn’t about being comfortable with what’s outside of me, but being propelled by the grace and power of the One who lives inside me.

John Piper
Lord, tell me when to get up off my knees and work! (Exodus 14:15)

A W Tozer
Mercy is not something God HAS but something that God IS.


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