TweetWords – March 14, 2011


A W Tozer
No one need fear to listen to the voice of God unless he has already made up his mind to resist it.

John Piper
– The only sin I can defeat is a forgiven sin.
– The decisive force for conquering my sin comes from Christ’s canceling my sin.

Paul David Tripp
– If Jesus is what you need, then in Him you’ve been given everything you need and you can quit thinking you’re under-supplied and unable.
– If Christ is your life you are freed from being on a desperate quest to find life in situations, locations and people.
– If you are living out of your identity in Christ you do not have to fearfully ride the up and down roller coaster of other’s opinion of you.

D. A. Carson
– Do not seek power, seek Christ. Do not seek mere unction by itself; delight your heart firmly in the Lord.
– If the heart of sinfulness is self-centredness, the heart of all biblical religion is God-centredness: in short it is worship.

Reinhard Bonnke
– Jesus only asks for trust and love, not ritual.
– Faith’s eye is fixed on Jesus Christ, not itself.

Max Lucado
God has no ego problem. He does not reveal His glory for His good. We need to witness it for our good.

Rick Warren
In OUR courts:we’re convicted then condemned.In GOD’s court: we’re convicted but Jesus takes our condemnation.We go free!


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