TweetWords – March 08, 2011


Rick Warren
– The man who does not deeply love his wife cannot deeply love Christ’s church (See Eph 5:25). It starts at home.
– Severe pressure and time turns coal into diamonds.

We need God, for only he can take away our selfishness and replace it with his love.

Reinhard Bonnke
– In a legalistic life there is no more soil for true fruits of the Spirit than for orchids on arctic ice.
– Believers are the aristocrats of heaven. Faith is the Christian’s coat of arms, and pedigree of spiritual nobility.

Paul David Tripp
– You do not have to know what your future holds because you are guided, directed, provided for and protected by the One who does.
– Your hope is not that you understand your past, present, and future, but that the Lord of all three holds you in the hollow of His hand.
– Security is not found in figuring out what God has not revealed, but in faithfully living on the basis of what He has clearly revealed.

John Piper
– Worship and war.
„Present your bodies to God as worship” (Rom. 12:1).
„Present your members to God as weapons” (Rom. 6:13).

D. A. Carson
Your ministry can be taken from you. Tie your joy to the fact that you are known and loved by God.

Oswald Chambers
What our Lord wants us to present to Him is not our…efforts to do better, but real solid sin.

C. S. Lewis
God is basic Fact. He must not be thought of as a featureless generality. He is the most concrete thing there is.

Max Lucado
Jesus died for our sins. He did what we could not so we might become what we dare not dream: citizens of heaven.

Brian Houston
– Heaven has high hopes for you. If you align your choices to heavens purposes, there’s no stopping what God can do!
– Leaders goal: To inspire others to BE all they’re called to be, and DO all they’re called to do. It’s as simple as that!


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