TweetWords – March 02, 2011


Oswald Chambers
The Lord’s questions always reveal the true me to myself.

Paul David Tripp
– Today you’ll believe that you know you better than God does and conclude that you’re okay, or you’ll accept His diagnosis and seek his grace.
– Today you’ll blame your words and actions on people and situations, or own the neediness of your heart and run to the grace you’ve been given.
– Today you will work to convince yourself that you are righteous, or humbly look at yourself in the accurate mirror of God’s Word.

C. S. Lewis
„Be Ye Perfect” isn’t a command to do the impossible. Christ is going to make us creatures that can obey that command.

D. A. Carson
For us to imagine ourselves autonomous is, far from being a measure of our maturity, the supreme mark of our rebellion.

Reinhard Bonnke
– Intercession that is not linked to soul saving, is like an arrow shot without a target, an athlete running a race which has no finish line, or a football match without a goal net.

Max Lucado
We forget that „impossible” is one of God’s favorite words. He dreams impossible dreams.

Rick Warren
The smallest church has more eternal significance than the largest corporation or country.  Size doesn’t determine a church’s significance. No airline pilot thinks 25 passengers is insignificant! Each one matters!

John Piper
From the day we rose with Christ to live for Him, „we know no one according to the flesh”. But everyone for Christ’s sake.

A W Tozer
As a man prays, so he is.


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