TweetWords – June 30, 2011


Rick Warren
Leaders: you must allow plenty of time to change lanes if others are following you at high speed.

A W Tozer
You have been forgiven, so act like it!

John Piper
The volcanic exuberance of God over the worth of his Son and the work of his hands and the welfare of his people is infinite.

C. S. Lewis
If I have a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the explanation is I was made for another world.

Max Lucado
God cures the common life by giving no common life, by offering no common gifts.

Paul David Tripp
– Waiting on God doesn’t mean sitting around and hoping. No, waiting means believing he will do what he’s promised and acting with confidence.
– Waiting on God doesn’t mean giving way to doubt. No, it means feeding yourself with his promises and growing stronger in faith.
– Waiting on God doesn’t mean you’ll act when you see that God acts. No, it’s living like you believe he has acted even when you can’t see it.

Brian Houston
Leaders goal: To be under no illusion regarding where things are at, but be able to see things the way they CAN become!

Bob Goff
What lies behind the corners in our faith are usually more corners. People only travel in straight lines in the movies.


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