TweetWords – July 3, 2011


A W Tozer
The crucified life is a blessed lonely life that no one can walk for someone else.

Charles Spurgeon
He who communes with God is always at home.

John Piper
– If there is something that absolutely must be done before you die in order to go to heaven, waiting till tomorrow is insane.
– There are ways a wife sustains and shapes a man that even he does not know. This is one of God’s mercies in marriage.

C. S. Lewis
History is a story written by the finger of God.

Paul David Tripp
Corporate worship is designed to instill in you a greater awe of God, than the awe you have for anyone or anything else in your life.

Bob Goff
Love wouldn’t take a desk job, it would take a stand. It wouldn’t read the paper, it would get a paper route.


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