TweetWords – July 1, 2011


A W Tozer
God is never impressed with what a man [or woman] can do. He is more concerned with what a man [or woman] is.

John Piper
On every scale of excellence God is infinitely greater than the best person you ever heard of.

C. S. Lewis
The real problem is not why some pious, humble, believing people suffer, but why some do not.

Max Lucado
The greatest gift you can give your children is not your riches, but revealing to them their own.

Paul David Tripp
– If you’re God’s child today you will be blessed once again with what you don’t deserve, couldn’t achieve and didn’t earn-it’s called grace.
– God calls you to obey, but your hope is not in your obedience, but in the grace that enables you to desire and to do what pleases your Lord.
– If you’ve been adopted into God’s family, it’s impossible for you to ever be alone because your Heavenly Father is always with you.

Bob Goff
We’re not limited by what we know, but what we can imagine. Imagine God.


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