TweetWords – Feb. 21, 2011


John Piper
– Man shall not live by Facebook alone. But by his Bible app.
– Christ always forgives more and endures more than we do. Forgive as you have been forgiven. Bear with as he bears with you.

Martha Munizzi
– Reputation makes no difference to me. God doesn’t accept people by status. (Galatians 2:6)

Drizzy Drake
Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.

Reinhard Bonnke
Faith brings more than confidence. It is brings God on your side and taps Divine resources.

Oswald Chambers
If what we call love doesn’t take us beyond ourselves, it is not really love.

Paul David Tripp
– Not matter how confused you are or how much you’ve lost your way. God’s plan of redemption marches on and will complete its work.
– You’re clearly not perfect and you’re surely not in control, but there’s hope. Jesus is your Sovereign Savior King.
– Your world is dramatically broken, you are still riddled with flaws, but Jesus is present, gracious and faithful.

C. S. Lewis
– „So many things–nay every real thing–is good if only it will be humble and ordinate.”
– „There are no variations except for those who know a norm, and no subtleties for those who have not grasped the obvious.”
– You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death
– „Where, except in the present, can the Eternal be met?”

Rick Warren
– „To reduce Christianity EITHER to a program of social welfare OR to a program of personal redemption is a truncated gospel”Sproul
– If you think God is your co-pilot, you’re in the wrong seat.
– What matters is not the attack but how you react.
– People are most open to the Good News of Jesus when they are in transition or under tension.
– Overreacting to a short-term problem with a long-term decision leads to regret. Calm down.

Lisa Bevere
Crisis is a catalyst for change.

Wendell Berry
We must not use the world as if we created it ourselves.

Max Lucado
Heavenly Father, please open both my hand and my heart that I might learn to open my door to others.

James MacDonald
– The truth is, if we never received another thing from God for the rest of our lives, we could still fill each day with genuine gratitude.
– We are only prepared to receive and comprehend the grace of God when we have understood His infinite holiness and our incredible sinfulness.


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