TweetWords – April 7, 2011


Rick Warren
– Failure isn’t fatal. It’s failing to learn and change from failure that’s fatal.
– God put you at your workplace, not to share gossip, but to share the gospel. Who do you need to talk to?

A W Tozer
God is love and just as God is love, God is justice.

John Piper
The conduit of God’s blessings does not need to be lined with gold. Copper will do.

Oswald Chambers
God cannot reveal anything to us if we don’t have His Spirit.

Reinhard Bonnke
The fuel powering the gospel is the Holy Spirit.

Paul David Tripp
– God has known what’s wrong with you for a long time. He sent His Son so it would get fixed. Hope’s found in trusting Him. End of story.
– People make good friends and loved ones, but they make bad messiahs. Life is only ever found in Jesus.
– No one knows you more deeply and fully than your Savior so no one offers you help form-fit for your deepest needs like he does.


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