TweetWords – April 6, 2011


A W Tozer
What good is our busy religion if we have lost majesty, reverence, worship–an awareness of the divine?

D. A. Carson
If you seek holiness, you will not find it; if you seek Christ, you will find holiness.

John Piper
– World death rate holds steady at 100%. (Hebrews 9:27)
– There is only one person God has treated worse than he deserved.

C. S. Lewis
We share the humility and suffering of Christ and also share His conquest of death and find a new life after we’ve died.

Oswald Chambers
The Cross is the central event in time and eternity, and the answer to all the problems of both.

Reinhard Bonnke
– There are two crosses, Christ’s and ours. Christ’s cross saves us eternally. Our cross saves us from wasting our lives.
– God did not give us a Bible of inspired puzzles. It is a Book of revelations, not riddles.

Paul David Tripp
– You were liberated from your little kingdom of one by the cross, to go back and live in it simply misses the point of the Gospel.
– As God’s child you’ve been bought with a price, so nothing in your life belongs to you anymore. It’s all the Lord’s for his using.
– You cannot celebrate the COMFORT of the Gospel without also submitting to it’s CALL. The goal of grace is a transformed life.


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