TweetWords – April 5, 2011


Rick Warren
It’s easier to fight for truth than live it. It’s why there are more Defenders than Disciples.

C. S. Lewis
Die before you die. There is no chance after.

Reinhard Bonnke
When an old person gets saved, a soul gets saved. When a young person gets saved, both a soul and a lifetime are saved.

Oswald Chambers
Gethsemane and Calvary represent something totally unique – they are the gateway into life for us.

D. A. Carson
After a sermon, Christians once asked, How did you get on under the Word?
Now we ask How did you enjoy the sermon?

Paul David Tripp
– If you only trust when you understand, you’ll live with lots of doubt. God’s wisdom is bigger than anything your mind can conceive.
– The best of theology will not remove mystery from your life, so rest is found in trusting the One rules it all and knows no mystery.
– You don’t have to fret about where your story is going because the One who writes it is big in wisdom, power and love.

A W Tozer
Mercy cannot cancel judgment apart from atonement.


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