TweetWords – April 26, 2011


Rick Warren
Great pastors know it’s more important to pray for your people than preach to them.Preaching without praying is pathetic.

C. S. Lewis
Authority exercised with humility, and obedience accepted with delight are the very lines along which our spirits live.

Max Lucado
God does not measure a person by one decision, nor should we.

Reinhard Bonnke
None of us were asked if we wanted to be born, but we are all asked if we want to be born again.

Oswald Chambers
A person’s character determines how he interprets God’s will.

Paul David Tripp
– No Christian is to be just a witness to the work of God’s kingdom, each is called to be a participant in the work of His kingdom as well.
– You don’t step out your life into ministry and back out of ministry into your life. No, if you’re God’s child, your life IS ministry.

Brian Houston
INFLUENCE -Never comes cheap -Never comes easy -Never comes with guarantees -Never comes without reason! Use or lose it!


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