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Cum să rămâi tânăr toată viaţa

Un excelent articol scris de Charles Stanley în The Christian Post, chiar dacă e scurt, are mult conţinut.

Când citim „cum să rămâi tânăr”, cei mai mulţi dintre noi gândesc în termeni trupeşti.
Cu toate acestea o atitudine a unei inimi tinere poate contribui foarte mult la a ne menţine tineri.
Ce caracterizează această atitudine?


Seven Reasons Leaders Fail

1.They feel they are invincible.
2.They are paralyzed by fear.
3.They fail to grow.
4.They are not passionate about their area of leadership.
5.They fail to dream.


Revanşa istoriei

Nero beheaded Paul, but today we name our sons Paul and our dogs Nero.

The Christian Post 

Nero l-a decapitat pe Pavel, însă astăzi ne numim fii Pavel şi câinii Nero.

Nici să-ţi pleci capul nu mai ai voie?

Corectitudinea politică, această plagă americană, cu rădăcini vest-europene, duce la situaţii absurde.
Iată un exemplu:
Taking extra precautions for Wednesday’s See You At The Pole day prayer, school officials in Sumner County, Tenn., forbade teachers and administrators from bowing their heads to pray while students were watching.
The Christian Post
Asta chiar că e prea de tot! Nici să-ţi pleci capul nu mai ai voie?

O asemenea ştire îmi creşte aprecierea faţă de ţara mea.
Deocamdată România e un paradis prin comparaţie cu ţara tuturor posibilităţilor, în acest sens.
Cine ştie câtă vreme?!

Christians Launch ‘Doing the Right Thing’ Movement

Tens of thousands of Christians from across the country tuned in to a live webcast on Saturday to witness the launch of the „Doing the Right Thing” movement.
The grassroots movement is being led by (Chuck) Colson, who believes an ethics revolution is „desperately needed.”

Sursa: Christians Launch ‘Doing the Right Thing’ Movement
Autor: Lillian Kwon

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon the world.
(Albert Camus)

Terms That Abuse the Gospel

Would it surprise you that the following five terms are never used in the Bible when it comes to describing how a person receives salvation?

  1. Let Jesus into your heart.
  2. Invite Christ into your life.
  3. Just say this prayer and you’ll be saved…

Skepticism vs. Unbelief

There is a difference between doubt, skepticism, and outright unbelief.
Skepticism is when someone „can’t believe” and unbelief is when someone „won’t believe.”
Skepticism is honesty, while unbelief is stubbornness.
Skepticism is looking for light, and unbelief is being content with darkness.

Doubt Your Doubts and Believe Your Beliefs
(Greg Laurie – The Christian Post)

Ten Signs You Are Near a Burnout, Meltdown

Here are ten signs that you are near a burnout and/or meltdown…

#1 – You are beginning to despise people and your compassion for them is continually decreasing rather than increasing.

#2 – You OFTEN think about doing something other than ministry…and your biggest desire isn’t to honor God and reach people but to simply find relief from the pressure that seems to be building daily inside of you.

#3 – You cannot remember the last time you simply had fun with family and friends…and joy is something you talk about but are not experiencing for yourself.


The first Jewish 24-hour TV news channel

The first Jewish 24-hour TV news channel began broadcasting Wednesday in an effort to offer the international community an alternative to Al Jazeera.

Jewish News One (JN1) launched its broadcast from Brussels with producer Peter Dickenson announcing, „We are on air, JN1 began international broadcasting,” according to European Jewish Press (EJP).

The Christian Post

Suing the Devil

A down-and-out law student sues Satan for $8 trillion dollars.

The day before O’Brien files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself, and comes equipped with 10 of the nation’s best trial lawyers.
Considered the „trial of the century,” the world is glued to Legal TV to see who will come out victorious.