Steve Bell – Kindness (Album and Tour)

Steve Bell

Kindness is Steve Bell‘s 16th career album, released at Signpost Music. Sonically lush and expertly crafted, this spiritually infused collection of acoustically driven gems is the result of an artist who has stayed committed to a „long obedience in the same direction.”

Steve Bell is introducing the albums. Listen to his words and musical excerpts.

Track list
1. About Love
2. Kindness
3. Changes
4. Good Friend
5. Absalom, Absalom
6. These are the Ones
7. In Billys Wake
8. Stubble and Hay
9. Birth of a Song
10. Greatest Gift
11. Gifting and the Giver
12. Was it a Morning Like This

Steve Bell will tour on Kindness Tour, from February 10th to April 16th, 2011.
The tour includes Steve Bell performing with band members Daniel Roy, Joey Landreth and Gilles Fournier, and making a special appearance on April 16th with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.


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