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Cum să rămâi tânăr toată viaţa

Un excelent articol scris de Charles Stanley în The Christian Post, chiar dacă e scurt, are mult conţinut.

Când citim „cum să rămâi tânăr”, cei mai mulţi dintre noi gândesc în termeni trupeşti.
Cu toate acestea o atitudine a unei inimi tinere poate contribui foarte mult la a ne menţine tineri.
Ce caracterizează această atitudine?


7 Starting Points for Church Worship Music

  • Biblically Informed Words
  • Theologically Accurate Words
  • Theologically Profound Words
  • A Simple Tune

Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview

Christians can be confident in a discussion on the nature and use of science, precisely because only the Christian worldview can provide the necessary preconditions for the intelligibility of scientific inquiry.
Science requires a significant number of philosophical assumptions just to conduct empirical investigation.

What are those borrowed elements?
What are some of the most important presuppositions without which scientific investigation should prove impossible?
A brief list of such presuppositions includes:


5 core values of a church in decline

Photo source: The Resurgence

1. Laziness
2. Fear of Man
3. Pride
4. Staff Abuse
5. Loss of Focus


De ce Owl City?

Unul dintre muzicienii contemporani, cu un stil inconfundabil, este Adam Young (blog, wiki), proiectul său muzical  numindu-se Owl City (site, wiki).

Iată o mostră muzicală:


Seven Reasons Leaders Fail

1.They feel they are invincible.
2.They are paralyzed by fear.
3.They fail to grow.
4.They are not passionate about their area of leadership.
5.They fail to dream.


The Five Solas

The Latin word sola means „alone” or „only.”

The Five Solas are five Latin phrases (or slogans) that emerged during the Protestant Reformation and that summarize the Reformers’ basic theological convictions on what they believed to be the essentials of the Christian life and practice.

The Five Solas are:


10 reasons to completely trust the Bible

  1. Fulfilled prophecy
  2. Archaeological discoveries
  3. The Bible’s internal consistency
  4. External Verification
  5. The Bible’s amazing scientific accuracy and foresight

The Church Exists by Mission

„The Church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.”
Emil Brunner

  • Matthew presents Him as the King on mission
  • Mark presents Him as the Servant on mission
  • Luke presents Him as the Perfect Man on mission
  • John presents Him as God on mission

Sursa  The Resurgence

Revanşa istoriei

Nero beheaded Paul, but today we name our sons Paul and our dogs Nero.

The Christian Post 

Nero l-a decapitat pe Pavel, însă astăzi ne numim fii Pavel şi câinii Nero.