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TweetWords – March 09, 2011

Brian Houston
– Blessed people who bless people are blessed people indeed!

Max Lucado
Confession is not complaining. Confession is not blaming. Confession is coming clean with God.


TweetWords – March 08, 2011

Rick Warren
– The man who does not deeply love his wife cannot deeply love Christ’s church (See Eph 5:25). It starts at home.
– Severe pressure and time turns coal into diamonds.

We need God, for only he can take away our selfishness and replace it with his love.


TweetWords – March 07, 2011

D. A. Carson
Those who draw close to Jesus think of themselves, first and foremost, as those loved by Him rather than those who profess their love for Him.

Oswald Chambers
Nothing can come between the love of God and a saint.

C. S. Lewis
If our charities do not at all pinch or hamper us, I should say they are too small.


TweetWords – March 06, 2011

Reinhard Bonnke
– Unbelief turns the famous somebody into a famous nobody, while faith turns the unknown nobody into God’s famous somebody.
– The Holy Spirit is God in action on earth.
– Jesus did not come to shame sinners. He came to save sinners.

C. S. Lewis
We shall not be able to adore God on the highest occasions if we have learned no habit of doing so on the lowest.


TweetWords – March 05, 2011

C. S. Lewis
– It is safe to tell the pure in heart that they shall see God, for only the pure in heart want to.
– An old saint, being asked whether it is easy or hard to love God, replied: „It is easy to those who do it”.

Max Lucado
Our belief in God is not blind faith. Belief is having a firm conviction something is true, not hoping it’s true.


TweetWords – March 04, 2011

Max Lucado
– To love as Christ loved, is not a matter of emotion but of resolution to do what’s in the best interest the person.
– God doesn’t say: „Change your life and I will accept you.” He says „I accept you, now let’s change your life.

C. S. Lewis
The first step to humility is to realize you are proud. To think you’re not conceited, means you are indeed.


TweetWords – March 03, 2011

Max Lucado
If God chose only righteous people to change the world, you could count them all on one finger.

Oswald Chambers
The love of God pays no attention to my prejudices caused by my natural individuality.


TweetWords – March 02, 2011

Oswald Chambers
The Lord’s questions always reveal the true me to myself.

Paul David Tripp
– Today you’ll believe that you know you better than God does and conclude that you’re okay, or you’ll accept His diagnosis and seek his grace.
– Today you’ll blame your words and actions on people and situations, or own the neediness of your heart and run to the grace you’ve been given.
– Today you will work to convince yourself that you are righteous, or humbly look at yourself in the accurate mirror of God’s Word.


TweetWords – March 01, 2011

C. S. Lewis
– If you haven’t met Satan recently, you are probably going his way.
– I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God, it changes me.


TweetWords – Feb 28, 2011

Rick Warren
– I believe in hell because Jesus says it’s real & he knows more about it than anyone.
– It’s GOOD to see myself as others see me,WISE to see others as they see themselves,but VITAL to see myself as God sees me.

D. A. Carson
We are not saved by theological ideas about Christ; we are saved by Christ Himself.