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TweetWords – March 21, 2011

Oswald Chambers
The inescapable spiritual need each of us has is the need to sign the death certificate of our sin nature.

C. S. Lewis
What we practise, not what we preach, is usually our contribution to the conversion of others.

Max Lucado
God may not speak when we want Him to, but he is working, behind the scenes, bringing the best possible solution.


TweetWords – March 20, 2011

A W Tozer
– So mankind, fallen like a broken vase, splintered into a million pieces still has something we call kindness.
– Sinners talk about God, appeal to God, use God’s name; but don’t obey God. That’s why they are sinners.

Rick Warren
– If people have to earn your love, then you dont really love them.
– JESUS is the one through whom God created everything… EVERYTHING was created THROUGH Him and FOR him. (Col. 1:16)
– You dont have to dislike someone because you disagree with them! Love is NOT a compromise of convictions. It’s Christlikeness!


Repere: Teologi – Sf. Augustin (1) (scurtă biografie)

Augustin din Hipo, cunoscut de lumea creştină ca Sfântul Augustin, s-a născut în 13 nov. 354 la Tagaste (acum Souk Ahras din Algeria).
Tatăl său, Patricius, un oficial al oraşului, era păgîn, el convertindu-se la creştinism doar înaintea morţii. Mama sa, Monica, era o creştină devotată, lucru ce va avea o influenţă puternică în cursul vieţii fiului său.
Ca atare educaţia sa a avut o componentă păgână, obişnuită la tinerii de vârsta şi condiţia sa, dar şi o educaţie creştină, datorită faptului că mama sa l-a dat la cateheză şi îl ducea regulat la biserică.


TweetWords – March 19, 2011

Rick Warren
I never fear criticism. I fear sinfully reacting to it which would dishonor Jesus, forfeit His anointing and waste precious time.

Oswald Chambers
Living a life of faith means never knowing where you are being led.

D. A. Carson
Worship is a transitive verb, and the most important thing about it is the direct object. We do not meet to worship; we aim to worship God.


TweetWords – March 18, 2011

Oswald Chambers
God’s perspective is that through His promises I will come to recognize His claim of ownership on me.

D. A. Carson
You cannot live faithfully in this life unless you are ready for the next.

C. S. Lewis
All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.


TweetWords – March 17, 2011

D. A. Carson
– We seem to be a generation that hungers for lordship in the intellectual arena but knows little of a crucified mind.
– If you seek joy, you will not find it; if you seek Christ, you will find joy.

Brian Houston
Leaders goal: Give it your best and trust God with the rest!


TweetWords – March 16, 2011

Oswald Chambers
One carnal judgment of another person only serves the purposes of hell in you.

C. S. Lewis
If God thinks this state of war in the universe is a price worth paying for free will, then it is worth paying.

Rick Warren
You cannot succeed in ministry by avoiding failure.You must obediently take risks in faith.


Who Am I? (Cine sunt eu?)

Mă regăsesc ca o reprezentare a trei persoane, un fel de anti-treime.
– Eu cel din apariţiile publice
– Eu, cel din particular
– Eu, cel real

Who Am I (Cine sunt eu? este un articol scurt, scris de John Ortberg, care surprinde foarte bine tensiunea ce se naşte într-un lider în legătură cu „identitatea” sa. 


TweetWords – March 15, 2011

D. A. Carson
There is an entirely different perspective when you look at things from the vantage point of the throne room of heaven.

A W Tozer
The Bible is not a once-spoken book; it is a book that is NOW speaking.


TweetWords – March 14, 2011

A W Tozer
No one need fear to listen to the voice of God unless he has already made up his mind to resist it.

John Piper
– The only sin I can defeat is a forgiven sin.
– The decisive force for conquering my sin comes from Christ’s canceling my sin.